"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."      - Dr. Suess


Q: Do you have preferred vendors?

A:  I do have vendors that I've come to adore over the years, and if i'm being honest I love working with them! I trust that they are going to work hard and have my clients best interest in mind throughout the planning process as well as be fun for me to work with on the day of your event. Their high level of quality accompanied by their friendly personalities are why I refer them to my clients quite a bit. I know they will be on time and exceed my expectations at every event they work with me!

Q: Do we have to use your preferred vendors?

A: No! Although I love working with my preferred vendors I absolutely will work with anyone who my clients hire as long as they are professionals and uphold the right credentials in regards to their business.

Q: What if I don't want to hire all professional vendors at my wedding? What if we want to provide our own food for our reception? 

A: Because I take great pride in my work, and because I strive to ensure every event I plan/coordinate is a success I do require that all of my clients hire professional caterers, DJs, and bartenders (If serving alcohol) for their event.

Q: How long have you been planning for?

A: I have been planning weddings for 5 years now!

Q: Do I still get to make decisions in my wedding if I hire you to plan my whole wedding? I've heard that planners take over everything and I won't get much say so in the things I really want if I hire a planner.

A: It always make me laugh when I get asked this question! It's a common myth that hiring a professional wedding planner means that you lose control over your wedding. My job is to give you the wedding you have always wanted. I listen to your wants and needs and make suggestions based on what I feel fits those wants and needs. All final decisions are made by you and I implement those decisions!

Q: Do you design weddings?

A: Yes! I love listening to everything that is unique about a couple's love story and transforming those things into a wedding that showcases that love in all it's unique glory! Design is included in my full service planning and partial planning packages but can also be added onto our day of coordination package when I am booked far enough in advance! 

Q:  Do you have rentals or inventory we can use/rent?

A:  No. I do not offer any inventory or rentals. I know so many amazing vendors who can rent just about anything your event needs! When I do design (and the design is finalized) I will guide you and help you get quotes for anything that you need to make the design come to life on your event day. For items that need bought not rented I can even have one shopping trip with you to help make that process easier! (You buy it with our guidance!)

Q: Do you set up tables and chairs?

A: No. Most venues will set up tables and chairs based on a floor plan you provide them. I'm happy to help with that floor plan but can not actually set up your tables and chairs. If you have a venue booked that does not set up your tables and chairs i'm happy to oversee whomever is responsible for this to make sure all tables are spaced correctly apart and all chairs/tables are set up in a nice manner, however I do not physically set up or take down tables or chairs. 

Q: Will you cut our cake?

A:  Most caterers in Kansas City will cut your cake for you. Some charge a fee for doing this and some do not. Because I do not have a food handlers permit, I do not offer the option for me to cut and serve your cake for you. 

Q: How far out do you book? 

A: I will book weddings two years prior to the wedding date. Some months book faster than others and I'm not able to hold a date prior to a contract being signed so I always recommend booking as soon as you make the decision that I'm a good fit for your event. The best time to book a planner is one year prior to your wedding date, even if all you are wanting is a day of coordinator. Summer and fall are my busiest seasons and therefore book sooner. 

Q: What is the smallest wedding you have ever planned/coordinated? 

A: The smallest wedding I have coordinated had a total of 39 guests including the bridal party and Bride/Groom!

Q: What is the largest wedding you have ever planned/coordinated?

A: The largest wedding wedding I have planned had a total of 320 guests including the bridal party and Bride/Groom!

Q: Do you charge more if we have a large bridal party?

A:  Although some planners do charge more for large bridal parties I do not. I don't like to be nickle and dimed and I don't like my clients getting nickle and dimed either! I do not charge more for larger weddings or larger bridal parties!

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