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Owner & Lead Planner

Coffee is happiness, pizza is life. I'm a believer that laughter makes the world a better place and dogs make you live longer. I am lucky enough to be a mom to many and a wife to one amazing fella. I intentionally order a vanilla latte at every new coffee shop I try, so I can compare (and judge) them properly. 

I love rainy days spent disappearing into a good book, nature, singing and playing x-box with my husband. 

The start of a dream

I never planned (pun intended) to be a business owner, but my soul ached to be a wedding planner. I tried so hard to get other planners to let me work for them, intern with them or just allow me some baby steps in the direction of weddings. After waiting, and waiting, no after no I finally decided I was done waiting. That redhead determination showed up and the next thing I knew, I was the proud owner of a wedding planning company. Wedding Elegance started in early June 2013 and has been helping couple's have the perfect start to their forever together since! 

What makes us different....

professional and fun.

Weddings are something to celebrate, and celebrating should never feel like a chore. We focus heavily on being professional while also making sure you have fun throughout your planning journey. We joke. We laugh. We listen. And like a good wedding bestie should, we fight to make sure your wedding is how you want it and contractual promises are upheld by your vendor team. 


one lead planner will be at every wedding. 

assistants are determined based on the wedding needs.

We have a team of planners and assistants so no matter how many guests your wedding has, and no matter how much set up is needed, we are ready for it! 

We're a team!

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